PrimeStore® MTM

PrimeStore MTM is designed to rapidly inactivate viruses (including Influenza), bacteria (including Mycobacterium tuberculosis, MTB) and veterinary pathogens (ASFv, CSFv, FMDv, HPAI, and NDv) at point-of-collection and stabilize DNA and RNA during storage and shipping. Samples can be collected, shipped and processed without prior inactivation and at ambient temperature.

PrimeStore MTM is a cost-effective and safe option for the collection and transport of infectious disease samples for point-of-care and reference laboratories doing nucleic acid-based testing. It is formulated to:

  • Rapidly inactivate potentially pathogenic microorganisms for safe sample handling.
  • Preserve and stabilize nucleic acids (DNA, RNA, mRNA) at ambient temperatures.
  • Be used with various nucleic acid extraction processes, point-of-care and syndromic testing platforms.

FDA Cleared Class II. For use in diagnostic procedures.


  • One solution for multiple sample types including blood/plasma/serum, body fluids (urine, sputum, saliva), swabs (oral, throat, nasal, nasopharyngeal, buccal) and more *
  • Preserves sample-derived DNA, RNA and mRNA during extended ambient temperature storage
  • Compatible with most nucleic acid extraction methods and high-throughput systems

*  For additional sample examples, click here.


  • Rapid and consistent inactivation of pathogens means no requirement for BSL-2 facilities
  • Extended sample stability eliminates the need for immediate processing
  • Room temperature storage reduces costs and complications associated with cold chain shipping

Lab Notes

Learn how PrimeStore MTM helped Aegis® Sciences Corporation collect, inactivate, stabilize and preserve critical samples during the COVID-19 pandemic.

DescriptionCatalog Number
50-tube pack (5.0 mL)230670

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