Protein Plus BCT™

Protein Plus BCT is a direct draw whole blood collection tube intended for the stabilization of draw-time concentrations of plasma proteins for up to 5 days* at ambient temperature.

*Depending on protein

Protein Plus BCT product

Protein Plus BCT contains a preservative reagent that minimizes ex vivo hemolysis and platelet activation in collected samples, limits interference of proteins released from blood cells and maintains draw-time concentrations of plasma proteins during whole blood storage at ambient temperature.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Protein Plus BCT should only be used for research or the development of new assays.


  • Stabilizes plasma protein markers of interest.
  • Limits ex vivo platelet activation and hemolysis.
  • Compatible with mass spectrometry and immunoassay-based proteomic analysis.


  • Minimizes contamination of blood cell-secreted proteins into plasma, providing sample integrity during storage and handling of blood samples.
  • Reduces the need for immediate sample processing and analysis.
  • Allows for the batching of samples, optimizing laboratory workflow.
DescriptionCatalog Number
6-tube pack (5.0 mL), RUO230627
100-tube pack (5.0 mL), RUO230628
1000-tube pack (5.0 mL), RUO230629

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With our patented portfolio of stabilization solutions, you can ship and store samples at room temperature, mitigating pre-analytical variation in critical samples, easing handling concerns and allowing for batch processing.

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