The stopper color of Streck Cell-Free DNA BCT will change from mottled to tan starting with lots 3333 (IVD), 4010 (RUO) and 4015 (CE). For additional information, refer to the resources section of the Cell-Free DNA BCT page.


Maximize your laboratory efficiency.

With our patented portfolio of stabilization solutions, you can ship and store samples at room temperature, mitigating pre-analytical variation in critical samples, easing handling concerns and allowing for batch processing.

Cyto-Chex BCT

Cyto-Chex® BCT

A direct draw blood collection tube that maintains cellular morphology and surface antigen expression, including cluster of differentiation (CD) markers, prior to…

RNA Complete BCT blood collection tube for cell-free RNA and extracellular vesicles

RNA Complete BCT®

A blood collection tube that maintains the draw time concentration of cell-free RNA and extracellular vesicles, such as exosomes, for up to 7 days at room temperature…

Is there another specimen type you would like to see stabilized?
Streck Cell Preservative

Streck Cell Preservative®

An easy-to-use liquid preservative that maintains white blood cell integrity and allows CD markers to be measured through flow cytometric…

Streck® Urine Preserve

A ready-to-use liquid reagent that stabilizes nucleic acid targets in urine for up to 7 days at 6 °C to 37 °C to limit changes associated with sample handling, shipping…

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