SICKLEDEX is a qualitative solubility test that can detect the presence of sickling hemoglobin in human blood samples within 6 minutes. With this kit, your laboratory is supplied with items necessary to perform easy and efficient sickle solubility testing, including the SICKLEDEX solubility test kit, Sickle-Chex® whole blood control and a convenient test tube rack.

SICKLEDEX is an easy-to-use Hemoglobin S solubility testing kit that requires only 20 µL of patient or control sample and arrives conveniently packaged with two separate squeeze bottles for easy dispensing and elimination of waste. SICKLEDEX is available in 100-test, 50-test and 12-test kit configurations. The SICKLEDEX 12-test kit includes all items necessary to perform a sickle cell screening test: 12 plastic test tubes, 12 convenient one-piece plastic micropipettes to collect and dispense the patient sample, and a test tube rack to allow immediate interpretation of results.

SICKLEDEX sickle solubility test kit


  • Test results available in 6 minutes
  • Requires only 20 µL of patient or control sample
  • 45-day open-vial stability; 12-month closed-vial stability


  • Buffer packaging reduces waste and maximizes open-vial stability
  • No pipetting necessary
  • Sickle-Chex whole blood control can be used like a patient sample

SICKLEDEX Best Practice Overview

This video and accompanying guide is provided by Streck Technical Service and should be used as a supplement to the SICKLEDEX Instructions For Use, which contains complete product instructions regarding product usage and associated precautions, limitations and storage requirements.

DescriptionCatalog Number
100-Test Kit217657
50-Test Kit217660
12-Test Kit217661
Test tube rack217659
Disposable Test Tubes (50 count)217662
Disposable Micropipettes (50 count)217663

100-Test Kit: Contains 2 Buffer Bottles and 2 Powder Bottles of 50 tests each

50-Test Kit: Contains 2 Buffer Bottles and 2 Powder Bottles of 25 tests each

12-Test Kit: Contains 2 Buffer Bottles and 2 Powder Bottles of 6 tests each

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With our sickle cell products, your laboratory can establish a quality control program for whole blood in vitro diagnostic testing methods. Our sickle cell line is composed of stabilized human red blood cells and can be handled in the same manner as a patient specimen.

SICKLEDEX sickle solubility test kit

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